Hours: 10:00 am-1:15pm
*Morning & Aftercare available

Days: Mondays & Thursdays

Designed for 2 year olds who have turned 2 by Sept. 1st. This will be a drop-off class and held 2 days a week.This class is geared towards a child’s first independent experience in an educational setting. The class is led by one teacher and one to two parent aides. Toddlers in this class are able to explore the rich environment with new learning materials and begin to extend explorations with their peers both in small group and whole group settings. Children are also introduced to early academic and Islamic values in addition to social, emotional, and physical developmental concepts. Your child does not need to be potty-trained, but we encourage he/she to be changed before class.

Our goals for your toddler include:

  • Cultivating a sense of self-confidence and independence in a nurturing and supportive environment
  • Developing a positive attitude towards learning through rhythm and rhyme, storytelling, fingerplays, movement exercises, and morning meetings
  • Constructing knowledge through discovery with lots of sensory-rich materials
  • Developing gross and fine motor skills
  • Fostering a love for Islam and its values through storytelling and modeling