How to Apply

Step 1 : Registration Form & Fee

Complete the Al Hadi Application 2018-2019.

Completed application form can be emailed to and the application fee and deposit can be made online.

Step 2 : Informal Interview

Once registration is received, we will contact you to schedule an informal interview with the director. We interview each of our prospective families so that we can personally discuss our school’s core values, learning philosophy, and become acquainted with you and your child’s needs and educational goals.

The informal interview may be conducted at your home or a place of your choice to allow the director to meet the child in his/her comfort zone, helping to ease the transition to school and a new teacher.*

Step 3: All Application Forms & Deposit

Submit the following forms with your first month’s tuition payment. An application packet with the forms below will be given to you after we receive your registration form, application fee, and deposit.

  • Referral Form from your child’s former or current school, if applicable.
  • Al-Hadi Authorization Form
  • Al-Hadi Medical/Emergency Form
  • Al-Hadi Tuition Contract
  • Parent Contract (if applicable)
  • Background Check Fee (if applicable)
  • Supply Fee

*A decision on your child’s acceptance into Al-Hadi will be made after the Informal Interview. All application forms should be completed and submitted after your child’s formal acceptance into Al-Hadi.