FIRST Lego League

First Lego League Jr (FLL Jr) is a program offered at Al-Hadi where children are introduced to programming and engineering concepts using Legos. This program belongs to FIRST Inspires non-profit group.

Each year, FIRST has a new theme where the kids learn about a broad topic and then explore how to solve the problems. The kids meet weekly for a few months, make a final project, and then spend the next few months going to expos around the area, presenting and winning prizes.

This year the theme is space – specifically for the Jr age group, going to the moon. The final project was creating a moon base.

The kids start putting their moonbase together at their last weekly meeting.

Al-Hadi hosts FLL Jr on our campus in several ways. First, Al-Hadi has its own official team led by some of the parents. In addition, Al-Hadi also allows outside teams to host their meetings here making the Lego League program easier due to Al-Hadi’s available resources and staff.

Al-Hadi also hosts many FLL Jr related events, led by “Wizards.exe,” a FIRST robotic group consisting of high-school age kids who help FLL Jr teams. In fact, Al-Hadi’s teams fall under the Wizards.exe umbrella.

The Wizards.exe team leads a programming exercise with our FLL Jr kids

We are also currently in the process of organizing our first FLL Jr camp in the summer.

Please contact us for more details.