Our Programs

We offer holistic, play-based education using a project-based learning approach for children aged 2 through 5 years old.  We borrow heavily from the cooperative model and welcome parental involvement.

Parent & Me (10 months-24 months) Class

Hours: 9:30-1:00 pm
Days: Fridays 

Designed for 10-24 month olds and their caregiver. We meet 1 day a week. This class provides you the opportunity to watch your child develop as he or she joyfully explores the rich environment, experiments with new materials, engages in play-based learning, and discovers children around him or her. It also provides an invaluable network of parental support where new adult relationships and friendships are built that are bound to carry over through the years.

With your support, our goals for your toddler include:

  • Enhancing social skills as they play and learn alongside their peers and adults
  • Developing a positive attitude towards learning through rhythm and rhyme, storytelling, fingerplays, movement exercises
  • Constructing knowledge through discovery with lots of sensory-rich materials

2 year old Class

Hours: 10:00 am-1:15pm
*Morning & Aftercare available

Days: Mondays & Thursdays

Designed for 2 year olds who have turned 2 by Sept. 1st. This will be a drop-off class and held 2 days a week.This class is geared towards a child’s first independent experience in an educational setting. The class is led by one teacher and one to two parent aides. Toddlers in this class are able to explore the rich environment with new learning materials and begin to extend explorations with their peers both in small group and whole group settings. Children are also introduced to early academic and Islamic values in addition to social, emotional, and physical developmental concepts. Your child does not need to be potty-trained, but we encourage he/she to be changed before class.

Our goals for your toddler include:

  • Cultivating a sense of self-confidence and independence in a nurturing and supportive environment
  • Developing a positive attitude towards learning through rhythm and rhyme, storytelling, fingerplays, movement exercises, and morning meetings
  • Constructing knowledge through discovery with lots of sensory-rich materials
  • Developing gross and fine motor skills
  • Fostering a love for Islam and its values through storytelling and modeling

Three and Four year old Class

9:30am-1:00 pm
*Morning & Aftercare available
Days: Monday-Thursdays or Monday-Fridays

Designed for both three and four year old children, as a mixed age classroom and families have an option of a 4 days a week or 5 days a week program. The class is led by one teacher and one to two parent aides.  Children will be placed in flexible groupings-partners, small groups, and whole groups so that all children’s needs are met. A greater emphasis will be placed in ensuring your child develops Kindergarten readiness skills so that he or she is comfortable and confident in whatever setting he or she may proceed to participate in during the following year.  In addition to practicing and understanding Islamic based values and concepts, your child will be exploring various cultures, traditions, and peoples of the world to build respect, tolerance, and understanding of the world he or she lives in.  Your child must be potty-training to attend this class.

Our goals for your three and four year old include:

  • Building self-esteem, self-confidence, and independence in a nurturing and supportive environment
  • Increasing focus and concentration on authentic and meaningful tasks
  • Developing Kindergarten readiness skills, including, but not limited to: listening, following directions, pre-reading and math skills, refining gross and fine motor skills, actively participating in morning meetings
  • Fostering a love for Islam and its values through storytelling, modeling, hands-on activities
  • Deepening the understanding of the world they live in to find respect, tolerance, and value in one another

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Now enrolling for 1st/2nd grade class for 2019-2020 school year!

9:30am-3:30 pm 
*Morning & Aftercare available
Days: Monday-Fridays

Designed for students who are 5 years old by September or who have completed prek4's program. The class is led by one teacher.  Setting children up for lifelong success means educating the whole child.  Applying a project-based curriculum, we bring together lessons from language arts, science, music, p.e.,  social studies, mathematics so students can make connections across the multiple subject areas. We foster each child's inner-being by developing academic, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual skills.

Students develop a strong academic foundation and are taught with a “growth mindset approach” that allows them to make and learn from mistakes, dream big, and work hard to achieve goals. Students will gain exposure to global issues, public speaking, and learn various cultures through service learning projects, guest speakers and character-building activities. In this nurturing environment, children engage with the wider world, and learn compassion and empathy for other people and cultures.

The student-led curriculum grounded in Maryland State Learning Standards provides authenticity and encourages students to invest in their own learning.

A Typical Day at Al-Hadi

8:30-9:30 am Early Morningcare Extension

9:30-1:00 pm Core Preschool Instruction

9:30-3:30pm Core Elementary Instruction 

  • Arrival/Open-ended activity
  • Morning Meeting
  • Movement & Meditation 
  • Project Based Learning/Choice Centers
  • Lunch
  • Recess
  • Story & Show and Share
  • Clean Up/Dismissal

1:00/3:30-5:00 pm Aftercare Extension


Curriculum & Instruction

Our 2, 3 and 4 year old and KG programs are guided by Montgomery County Public School and Howard County Public School Standards, Maryland State Learning Standards. Elements from Montessori, Reggio, Waldorf, and traditional preschool approaches are used within the classroom to teach students. We challenge our teachers everyday to incorporate best practices and research in the daily instruction.

Much of the learning by our students is done through play and exploration. For this reason, Al-Hadi has chosen to set aside a block of time for the three and four year old students to engage in project based learning. During this time, students gain knowledge and skills in all academic areas by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a question, problem, or challenge based in real-world context.  Some projects may span a week and others may take a month to produce. With the facilitation of the teachers, the students make most of the decisions during this time. At the end of each project, all students will have engaged in an extended process of thinking that includes:

  • In-depth learning about a topic they are interested in
  • Working cooperatively 
  • Finding appropriate resources for research
  • Applying information they have learned
  • Showing off their learning by creating a product of their choice

Islamic values and principles are integrated within the curriculum to create a balanced and holistic curriculum. We do our best to tailor the curriculum based on our student and family needs. Our curriculum may look different from year to year depending on our student enrollment and family dynamics.  The co-op model provides us the unique opportunity to elicit our families’ talents, experiences, and interests to create a shared learning environment where every individual at Al-Hadi including parents, teachers, and students are part of the learning journey!