About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Al Hadi Learning Organization is to collaborate with other Muslims, educators, parents, and community members to create a holistic learning ecosystem to cultivate exceptional children who:
    • are God-conscious, guided by the Qur’an and the Prophet (saw) as transmitted through his family, the Ahlul Bayt (as);
    • make positive choices in the form of civic engagement; and
    • seek beneficial knowledge with an aim to become lifelong learners.

Our Story

Al Hadi Learning Organization was born out of need.  Parents in East Montgomery County, MD had no educational prospects for their children that integrated three important elements:

  1. Integrated Islamic Curriculum: Islam is a lifestyle not a segment of our schedule.  Therefore, we don’t have the “Islamic Studies Classes” of yesteryear.  Our unprecedented curriculum integrates Islamic concepts in an age-appropriate way organically throughout the day.  For example, our children learn about wudu as they learn about hygiene or the power of Allah’s (swt) mercy as they learn about the plant life cycle.
  2. Innovative, research-based and age-appropriate curriculums
    • Innovative:  We reject the notion of one size-fits-all education.  Like adults, children are unique in their interests, strengths and abilities and their learning trajectory must reflect that.  Our children learn at their own pace without pressure resulting in a wondrous thing: a child with a thirst for knowledge!  Our days are designed to ensure our children experience growth in all five domains: physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive.
    • Research-based: We adhere to child-led teaching methods.  Our educators create each unit based on the children’s natural interests.  The children are guided into researching and exploring the unit in depth; covering the necessary subjects along the way but on their own individual trajectory.
    • Age-appropriate: 1400 years ago, the Prophet Muhammad (saw) offered guidance on child-rearing that has since been supported by modern psychology: until age 7, play is learning!  If you allow a child to lead the way in their learning trajectory; they will amaze you.
  3. Affordable
    • We are a 501c3 organization that work very hard to keep overhead low so we can pay our educators a salary worthy of their value while keeping tuition rates at and below nearby private school rates.  We are also proud to offer robust merit and need-based financial aid package.