We’re putting the “house” back in Schoolhouse!

We are a community first and foremost and our campus reflects that. Elder champions of the Al Hadi community offered us use of their large 2,800 sq ft basement and large backyard to renovate to our purposes and use for our campus.

To that end, we have built a campus that exudes 1) a love of Allah swt 2) a love of community, collaboration and togetherness 3) a love of nature, animals, plants and all of Allah’s amanat (trusts) to us.

Outdoor time is integral to our method of teaching and our philosophy so our playscape is full of open ended structures that encourage the use of movement, teamwork and imagination.

Our playscape also plays a role in how we teach. Messy science experiments, nature exploration and gardening in the three large garden boxes all take place in the playscape. For example, our children plant, maintain, harvest and cook the vegetables or fruits they grow. While gardening is undoubtedly an enjoyable activity, it also provides our educators with the opportunity to learn about plant life cycles, earth weather cycles, healthy eating habits, cooking life skills and Islamic akhlaq (manners) regarding meal times and community service all along the way!

Parents and children explore the “reading nook” in our mixed-age classroom