How We Teach

The Al Hadi Learning pedagogy is a multi-pronged approach to diametrically shift the way our community approaches education and tarbiyyah.  Through our innovative curriculum with Islam organically integrated and a wide variety of enrichment programs, we aim to achieve 3 overarching goals to transform how the next generation of Muslim Americans fulfill their own individual potential inshallah:

Creating an environment where a child loves learning

A common phrase you will hear educators at Al Hadi say is that we focus on process not product.  By building and following our own developmentally-appropriate curriculum, our goal is to support internalization and understanding in each child at their own pace.

As Muslims, we have been repeatedly reminded in the Quran and hadith to pursue knowledge for the sake of knowledge.  We aim to instill in children that knowledge is inherently valuable.  It is not encapsulated in a degree nor does it end after graduation. As long as children are guided in how to engage in self-directed learning, their potential is limitless!

What is the difference between education and learning?1. One is led and caused while the other is self-directed with guidance
2. One is metered and measured with a beginning and end while the other driven by curiosity and joy 
3. One is developed by policy and mechanization while the other is limitless and sourced by the soul

Creating an environment where children learn to love Allah s.w.t.

Islam is not a part of our schedule or day so we do some approach Islamic studies the same way? God-consciousness transcends rituals and dogma and manifests itself in how we talk, walk and conduct ourselves while we study science, math, reading or other subjects that are mistakenly considered “secular”. 

We intentionally create a learning environment where Islam and learning are complementary and supplementary to one another. From our daily or yearly schedule to the books found in our bookshelves to the field trips to the presentations – each choice is intentional at Al Hadi.  

The environment at Al Hadi is driven by a solid system of values, as manifested by the Prophet (saw) and his family (as), with the goal of developing a moral compass in each child. By carefully guiding them to understand their higher purpose and ultimately connecting with their Lord.

Creating an environment where holistic learning is easily achieved

Learning is not a one-size-fits all process. We teach our children that Allah s.w.t. made us all uniquely for a purpose and we approach learning in the same way.  

Each human being is comprised 5 equally important domains: the physical self, cognitive, self, social self, emotional self and spiritual self. Each child has their own unique capacity in each of these realms and our goal is to create an environment where each child reaches their own potential.

Project Based Learning is our method of pedagogy because it allows individualization and makes each child accountable for their learning. Each unit lasts about 6-8 weeks and is comprised of each subject/topic/educator working concertedly to create an responsive and cohesive unit that incorporate all aspects of their day.   Thus, every Monday afternoon our staff gathers together to work on ensuring each project unit is a fully immersive experience for each child.  

Let your child be free for up to seven years; and keep them with you (for education and training) for another seven yearsThe Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) and Imam Jaffer As-Sadiq (a.s.)