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What is Al Hadi at Home?

Al Hadi Learning Organization is a Maryland-based Islamic school which focuses on holistic and individualized instruction.  The school takes inspiration from Waldorf, Reggio Emilia,  Montessori methods and the innovative Project Based Learning approach.

In this new normal, we realize the needs of our children and each family has fundamentally changed.  Al Hadi at Home is our response to the COVID-19 crisis.  We offer individualized and self-paced instruction for children aged 5-10 as well as a myriad of electives to choose from.

What is Al Hadi at Home?

Al Hadi at Home is a flexible at-home educational program which consists of online, interactive live lessons and assignments and/or projects at home. It can be as robust as a child enrolling in the daily Project Based Learning (PBL) class as well as all offered electives, a child only enrolling in our daily PBL class or a family can simply choose whichever electives suit their schedule and child’s interests and needs.
Families can to enroll in three types of courses:
1. Daily PBL class: this class meets for 1 hour per day and adheres to the project based learning approach.  Our master teacher Co-Directors will support and guide children as they explore the given topic and completely their project independently through assignments and tasks.  Per the Al Hadi philosophy, Islamic concepts are organically incorporated into the learning.
2. Electives: Please review our course offerings and schedule here.
3. Special Ramadan Workshop 5/18-5/22: This workshop is included in the PBL class but open to other students who just want to join for this special, shortened Ramadan themed PBL unit.