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Early Childhood

Our classrooms are intentionally designed to integrate children ages two to five years old. Each class is led by two teachers. Children are placed in flexible groupings-partners, small groups, and whole groups throughout the day so that all children's needs are met. In addition to practicing and understanding Islamic based values and concepts, an emphasis will be placed on spiritual, social and emotional learning as children explore the world around them.

Our Learning Environment

Through our multi-age classroom, we provide students with...
Create safe learning environments for children.
Challenge students through differentiated instruction.
Improve learning and social skills of both older and younger students.
Allow teachers time to individualize teaching/learning.
Enhance family/school collaboration.
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Multiage Classrooms
Building self-esteem, self-confidence, and independence in a nurturing and supportive environmen
Increasing focus on authentic and meaningful tasks. Deepening their understanding of the world around them and making intellectual connections.
Initiating and maintaining relationships amongst peers and adults.
Creating opportunities for the enhancement of large and fine motor skills.
Fostering a love for Islam and its values through storytelling, modeling, meaningful lessons.

How We Evaluate Prek and Kindergarten

Holistic Approach
Our team of educators and staff use a comprehensive approach to measure individual student progress and growth in the following areas: social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual development.
Observation and Documentation
The team uses various models to observe and document growth to create an individual student learning plan. Models of observation and documentation used to create a student learning plan include: anecdotal records, teacher and student reflections, project work, oral presentations, guided play, peer to peer interactions, participation in class discussions and inquiry-based experiences, use and engagement with learning tools, and parent-child interactions.
Learning Plan
Click here to view a template of Al Hadi's Student Learning Plan that Early Childhood Education Center teachers complete and review throughout the year.

Al Hadi

Al-Hadi Learning Organization aims to bring students, parents and educators together to create a rich, nurturing environment to inspire lifelong learning.
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