Autumn’s Beauty – Fall 2020 Curriculum

The Al Hadi pedagogy is founded on 3 principles:
1. Learning must be holistic, catering to all five domains: physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual
2. Islam is not a just part of our schedule or day; it should not be taught that way
3. Learning is an enjoyable journey, not a destination.

At Al Hadi, we reject arbitrary timelines and standards. We believe every child is on their own learning journey and that they should chart their path. Our curriculums are designed to allow child-led learning, fostering the inquisitive mind and critical thinker in each child. This, naturally, results in curriculums that are scaleable for the entire early elementary age group (3-8).

House Rules Wall Art

At Al Hadi, our children are taught these basic rules to live by from day one and inshallah will remain imprinted on their hearts for the rest of their lives.

We’ve teamed up with with so you can order a copy of our House Rules (without our logo at the bottom) for your home! You can completely customize your own piece from choosing size to print material to choosing which frame (if you want it framed) to what type of finish.

Customization choices:

  • Materials: canvas, photo paper, etched metal, floating acrylic
    • stretched canvas vs roll (hanging hardware not included)
  • Framed with glass, framed canvas, frame color, size and material
  • Sizes 10×20″ to 36×72″

Muharram Sweatshirt Fundraiser

Our fundraiser for this Muharram revolves around three personalities who serve as role models for men, women and children alike. We regularly hear about their many inspirational qualities and wanted to create a functional item that would remind us that we must constantly aspire to be:

The heavyweight men’s sweatshirt is THICK (350gsm) and features an asymmetrical zipper with the graphic in the upper left chest and the Al Hadi tree logo in the back. Offered in size US S, M, L, XL.

$35 pre-sale until 8/31
$40 after 9/1

SmallMediumLargeX Large
Shirt length (in)26272829
Shirt width (in)20222426

The women’s sweatshirt is also 350gsm (aka supercozy) and is 32 inches long for size S, 32.5 for size M and 33 for size L & XL. It features the graphic prominently in the front with the Al Hadi tree logo in the back.

$35 pre-sale until 8/31
$40 after 9/1

Small (6)Medium (12)Large (16)X Large (18)
Bust (in)3437.540.542
Waist (in)26.5303334.5
Hip (in)37.5414445.5
Est. Weight lbs 125155175180

For the kiddos, we’ve printed thick 100% cotton t-shirts that feature the graphic in front with the Al Hadi tree logo in the back. Suggested ages for size small is 4-6yo, medium is for 8-10 yo and large for 11-14yo.


Small (age 3-6)Medium (age7-11)Large (age 12-16)
Shirt length (in)2223.525
Shirt width (in)171819

Our youngest friends are not to be forgotten! Toddler t-shirts are also available (suggested age: 12-24mo).