Coding Class at Home

Al-Hadi at Home also offers a coding class, which is a variation of our regular coding class at Al-Hadi.

The class works similarly with brief lessons on computers and coding, followed by hands-on programming through the Lego WeDo coding curriculum. A big difference is that the course requires each family to purchase their own WeDo kit, sold by Lego Education, Amazon, and other retailers.

The Lego WeDo kit

The class also works different in how the programming is done. The beginning section of the course has the building and programming done together as a class. Then in the rest of the course, once the children are familiar with using WeDo, the programming occurs outside of the course. During the class, we kick off the projects and then share what everyone did at the next class.

Because the students have their own WeDo kits, an advantage of the Al-Hadi Coding at Home course is more hands on time with programming.

Course requirements:

  1. The WeDo kit
  2. A device to attend the course with
  3. A secondary device (tablet is easiest) to do the programming on during the course
  4. Additional legos to use in projects to add creativity

In addition to the course, the WeDo kit can be used for FIRST Lego League, a program that Al-Hadi hosts and participates in.