Students host their dads for Father's Day

It's been a bit busy around here! This past week our students had the pleasure of hosting their fathers in honor of Imam Ali's birthday!

He taught us how a father lays the foundation for the next generation, is an attentive companion to his children, is a patient and empowering teacher, and he nurtures his children in morality and integrity! What an honor!

Students host mothers on Lady Fatima's birthday

On the blessed occasion of the Birthday of our Lady of Light, Sayyada Fatima Zahra (sa), we celebrated Mother's Day. Everyday is a Mother's Day in Islam as a mother's role is monumental. A bond between a mother and a child is the most cherished and forms the basis of all life. A mother plays multiple roles in a child's developmental growth as she is the child's first teacher in every aspect of their social, emotional, physical, cognitive and intellectual development.

Al-Hadi Teams Take Home Prizes in First Lego League!

Congrats to Al-Hadi's teams, Ultra Power and Electric Avenue, for winning the Best Coding Award and Core Value Award at the First Lego League competition! 🏅It's been a fantastic run with lots of hard work, collaboration, and perseverance to get to the finish line! Masha'Allah! Thanks to the amazing coaches for all the guidance and patience.