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Our curriculums follow the Al Hadi approach to learning which is founded on three principles:

  1. Learning must be holistic, nurturing each child’s spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development.
  2. Integrating Islam into all of the subjects creates a strong foundation in young Muslim children.
  3. Parents and educators facilitate learning so that it is meaningful and relevant.

Our curriculum integrates Islam into the various academic subjects through a methodology called project-based learning (PBL). PBL is a cutting-edge method that has children conducting a deep exploration of a single topic, question, or a real-life challenge.

Units of study encourage children to expand their perspectives, think critically, analyze the world around them, and work hard. These engaging units form the foundation of teaching, learning, and growth of children in their foundational years.

For more information, see our FAQs below!

An exploration of the glorious changing of seasons

This unit explores the science behind the coming of autumn as well as the global events and cultural traditions that mark this change. Gratitude to Allah swt for the amanat of this Earth, observation of and reflection upon the natural world, and environmental stewardship are also heavily emphasized throughout this unit.

An exploration of life without modern conveniences

In this unit, your family will examine how people, in the past and present, adapt to life without the modern conveniences we currently enjoy. You will learn ways that technology has impacted our world. In addition, your family will practice being grateful to Allah (swt) for these bounties through prayer, reflection, and service.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What subjects are covered?

Our units integrate science, social studies, writing, reading, health, physical education, art, and math. It should be noted that learning for some subjects, such as Math, Reading, Writing are sequential and are more skills-based.  While we include reading, writing and math activities in many of our units, we encourage parents to purchase separate Math, Reading, and Writing curriculums.  If you need help in selecting additional curriculums fit your family’s learning goals, consider scheduling a consultation.

How long are units designed to last?  

Each unit of study is designed to be taught in six weeks. There are many ways to use this unit. You can complete a lesson each week; you can extend the lessons throughout a span of several months, or you can pick and choose from the lessons and activities in the guide … the possibilities are endless. 

What does the unit include?

Each unit provides six weeks worth of lesson plans. A list of materials and directions are provided for each activity-from read alouds, Qur’anic reflections, to hands-on experiments. We also provide a Book List and a few how-to guides. 

How do you integrate Islam into the lessons?

We strive to integrate Islamic beliefs, practices, and values into every aspect of a child’s day at Al Hadi. It is impossible to convey these practices within the scope of a parents guide. However, we hope to give some guidance on how to merge academic and Islamic pursuits in some small way.  In the unit, we have parents and students reflect on Qur’anic verses, weave Islamic traditions and stories, and focus on Islamic values. We suggest you form an Intention to bring the lessons of Islam into your heart, be aware of simple opportunities to bring the lessons of Islam into your day, and take time to educate yourself Islamically so that you can share resources with your child.


What ages and grades are these units of study for?

All of your kids from PreK to 2nd grade can be gathered around and working on one beautiful, in-depth, cohesive unit of study. We’ve designed lessons so that each child can be engaged with the content and activities at his own developmental level.

How long will the lessons take? 

It depends on the age of your children. Lessons are designed so that you can complete them within an hour and a half on any given day. However, additional readings and activities can be done to extend the lessons. 

What standards are used?

Each unit is unique in topic and the subjects explored vary by unit but used in totality, our units offer a well-rounded education that meets Common Core national standards. 


I am unsure if this curriculum is for my family, what do I do?

Give it a try! Download a sample and try teaching a week’s worth of lessons. Consider scheduling a consultation with our co-directors. 


Can I pick and choose from the units or do I have to go in order?

The choice is yours! Different concepts are covered in each of the units. One unit may focus more on science while another may focus more on social studies. 


Where do I get the children’s literature listed in the lessons?

Our units incorporate multiple read-alouds. We recommend browsing your local library for literature related to the topic. A book list is included in the unit guide with the name of the literature, however, if certain books are hard to come by, you are welcome to replace the recommended book with something similar. Many of the read-alouds can be found on YouTube. You can view them in order to find an appropriate replacement.

What people are saying about Al Hadi Units of Study:

“My daughter did not know what Fall was and that leaves change colors, but in these last two weeks, she can now tell me that the weather is changing when there are strong winds, identify the changing colors of the leaves on the trees and the ground, LOVES the fall crafts, and absolutely adores her self-designed canvas bag for our nature walks. She thanks Allah for the trees, the leaves, and the chance for everything to start over again. She knows Allah created all of the wild animals and that they go to sleep or fly away when the weather gets too cold. She loves the falls books and likes to count the leaves on the trees in the books. She can’t wait to jump in the leaves once they all fall on the ground!”

“I was surprised to see how well [my daughter] grasped the topics, concepts, and activities in the unit. Given her age, I did not follow the curriculum exactly … but we try to spend time throughout the day discussing and playing all things Fall. Of course, Allah has become very integral in all of this, and she always remembers Allah when we talk about the leaves and the trees, etc. I am grateful that even though I live far from Maryland, I am able to incorporate the Autumn Beauty curriculum and the holistic learning experience in my own home, Alhumdullallah!”