Coding at Al-Hadi

Al-Hadi has several courses and programs available to get kids started with coding, as young as Pre-K:

1) Coding with Duplos (Pre-K & KG)

A course based on FIRST Lego League Discover, in this course Pre-K and KG level students will get introduced to coding fundamentals. The kids will be carrying out building projects with Duplos and also get some very early lessons on computers.

This course is currently being offered on Thursdays during Al-Hadi’s school day.

2) Coding with Legos (KG, 1st, 2nd grade)

This course will have lessons on computers & programming concepts plus hands on coding using Lego’s WeDo 2.0 software.

This course will next be offered Spring, 2022. Al-Hadi also offers a variation of this course virtually called Coding with Legos (at Home) however that course is not being offered at the moment.

3) Coding on an iPad (3rd – 5th grade)

This is a course based on Apple’s Swift Language. It follows Apple’s Everyone Can Code Curriculum. In addition, other more advanced concepts are taught including coding and electrical fundamentals. Students just need an iPad or Mac laptop for the course.

This course will next be offered in early 2022.

4) FIRST Lego League Explore (KG – 4th grade/6-10 year olds) – Home Team & Umbrella

For the past several years, Al-Hadi parents have led a team that participates in FIRST Lego League Explore. In Fall 2021, they are working on leading an umbrella for other teams to join and enhance their FLL experience. The umbrella will help lead other teams by providing guidance and events for them to participate in. More on FLL Explore can be found here.

This program will next be offered Fall 2022, possibly Fall 2021

5) FIRST Lego League Challenge (4th grade to 8th grade/ 9-14 year olds)

Some of our veteran FLL Explore students will soon be hitting the age where they can jump in the older FLL Challenge program. Al-Hadi is looking forward to leading its first team in that when it starts.

*age varies by country

This program will next be offered Fall 2022

Coding Field Trips

We also take field trips. During the 2019-2020 school year, we visited the Apple store for a lesson & hands-on experience using Sphiro, one of the coding toys that they sell.