First Lego League Explore (formerly FLL Jr) is a program offered at Al-Hadi where children are introduced to programming and engineering concepts using Legos. This is a program by the FIRST Inspires non-profit group.

Each year, FIRST has a new theme where the kids learn about a broad topic and then explore how to solve the problems. The kids meet weekly for a few months, make a final project, and then spend the next few months going to expos around the area, presenting and winning prizes.

The first year the Al-Hadi FLL Jr team participated during the 2018-2019 season, the theme was space with a final project of a moon base.

The 2nd year, the 2019-2020 season, the theme was architecture. This time the final project by the Al-Hadi FLL Jr team was creating an animal hospital.

Al-Hadi hosts FLL Jr on our campus in several ways. First, Al-Hadi has its own official teams led by parents at Al-Hadi. In addition, Al-Hadi also allows outside teams to host their meetings here, making the Lego League program easier due to Al-Hadi’s available resources and staff.

Al-Hadi also hosts many FLL Jr related events, led by the Montgomery Blair High School Robotics team. This is a FIRST robotic group consisting of high-school age kids who help FLL Jr teams.

A member of the Blair Robotics team leads a programming exercise with our FLL Jr kids

When teams are ready to form for the 2020-2021 season, this page will be updated with more details.

The season usually consists of 3 months of weekly meetings, 12 sessions total. Along the way, every month “Coopertition Meetings” are held for all the teams under the Blair Robotics Team umbrella to meet. Once the meetings are done and a final project made, the team then competes in various expos around the state.

The schedule ultimately looks something like this:

  • Weekly meetings 1-4 – November
  • Coopertition Meeting #1 – December 1
  • Weekly meetings 5-8 – December
  • Coopertition Meeting #2 – January 1
  • Weekly meetings 9-12 – January
  • Coopertition Meeting #3 – February 1
  • Expo at the FLL Maryland State Championship – February
  • Up to 4 more expos – Between late February & May 2020, usually on Saturdays (at various locations around Maryland
  • Special Parents Night Out FLL Jr Themed Event – Between late February & May 2020 (location TBD)

The cost of the program varies around $100-$150/child depending on several factors such as number of team members, if the child is already in aftercare, or if the team already has a We.Do kit.

FIRST is an exceptional program which offers a slew of benefits for its participants:

Please contact us if you have any more questions.