Al-Hadi FLL Jr Team (2019-2020 Season)

The 2019-2020 Al-Hadi FLL Jr Team

This season was the 2nd time Al-Hadi formed a team to participate in FIRST Lego League Jr. The team consisted of members from last year’s team plus a couple of new ones.

The theme this year was Architecture and the season was titled Boomtown Build.

This season consisted of learning of what goes into making buildings. The 3 things the curriculum focused on with the buildings were strength, accessibility, and being environmentally friendly.

The kids completed all the weekly lessons, each teaching a different way to build and program functionality for buildings. Finally, they had to choose a final project to do which incorporated various lessons. Our FLL Jr team is under the umbrella of the Blair HS Robotics team so their team leads led our voting session

After a lively discussion, the team decided on creating an animal hospital. Shortly after, we arranged a tour with one for the kids.

Shortly after making their final project, the team also decided on what their team name would be. There was a debate between the name Team Panels and Team Advanced which created a tense deadlock. Until, one of the kids came up with a great solution:

Team Advanced Panels T-Shirt

With the final animal hospital project done (complete with an automated elevator & ambulance), the poster made, and the T-shirts made, the kids were ready to hit the expos.

At the UMBC Expo, the largest FLL Jr expo in the state, the kids presented their project, played coding games, and participated in activities.

In addition, our team also got to visit several other teams’ booths to ask questions and get ideas for future projects

Finally, at the end of the expo, the kids received their award:

Unfortunately, because of the corona virus, the FLL Jr season was cut short so this was the only expo the kids got to do. Normally, we would aimed for around four. Hopefully next season!