Weekly Homeschooling Workshops

Get consistent coaching from Master Educators every step of the way
Our team has a combined 35+ years of education and homeschooling experience and offer 1:1 consults or a membership that is designed to help families define their goals, select the right curriculum, develop lesson plans and network with like-minded families.

Become a monthly member of our Homeschooling Workshop program to gain all four benefits. This Cohort closes on October 13th! $99/month








Start your homeschooling journey with a cohort of other like-minded families from all over the continent.   

Cohort Membership Includes:

Al Hadi’s Curriculum

 A unique, multi-subject  curriculum incorporating Islamic, social, emotional and cognitive learning standards that align with Common Core.

Each unit is designed to be 6-8 weeks long and will cover all subjects except Math.

If you have already purchased your own curriculum or prefer another, no problem! Our Master Educators are well-versed in many curriculums and can still help you implement your selected one successfully.

Download a sample of Al Hadi’s Unit of Study: Autumn’s Beauty here!

You can also purchase the curriculum alone here.

Weekly Customized Workshops

Every week, meet with Master Educators who stand ready to guide you every step of the way:

– Determine your teaching style and your children’s learning style(s)
– Select the right curriculum for your family
– Get trained in Al Hadi’s progress charting App that incorporates Common Core standards along with social, emotional and Islamic standards
– Create a daily schedule and/or co-op policies
– How to develop a successful lesson plan and implement it appropriately.

Join Our Umbrella Network

Join our Maryland Department of Education approved Homeschooling Umbrella to network with other families who are implementing similar teaching styles.

Each cohort will be given access to Al Hadi’s FB networking group and WhatsApp to networking with other families to share ideas, strategies and support.

Maryland families get the added benefit of semi-annual portfolio reviews as required by the Maryland Department of Education to prove compliance with Maryland’s Education laws.

Roots iPad App

Roots was developed to aid Al Hadi’s on-campus teachers in tracking each student’s progress.  We believe holistic growth means progress in five, equally-important domains: cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Roots is aligned with Common Core standards for Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Math and Fine Arts.

Our Master Educators worked with subject matter experts such as Family Therapists and Islamic Scholars to develop social, emotional and spiritual learning standards as well.

I really got a lot out of the consultation yesterday. The mission statement exercise was so very eye-opening and value added. I also appreciated the suggestion to revise my goals for my son to one of “perseverance and grit” — thanks for giving me those words and awareness. The curriculum suggestions were also helpful. Interesting enough, I’ve been spending the past month looking at curriculums on the internet and never came across some of the ones you recommended – Thank you! Tanya P

I believe in the Maryland Al-Hadi Learning Organization’s philosophy and when I learned about the Autumn Beauty curriculum I decided to test out the sample curriculum with my 2 1/2 year old daughter. Even though the curriculum is catered to children just a little bit older, I wanted to see how my daughter responded to the holistic learning experience. My daughter did not know what Fall was and that leaves change colors, but in these last two weeks, she can now tell me that the weather is changing when there are strong winds, identify the changing colors of the leaves on the trees and the ground, LOVES the fall crafts, and absolutely adores her self-designed canvas bag for our nature walks. She thanks Allah for the trees, the leaves, and the chance for everything to start over again. She knows Allah created all of the wild animals and that they go to sleep or fly away when the weather gets too cold. She loves the falls books and likes to count the leaves on the trees in the books. She can’t wait to jump in the leaves once they all fall on the ground!
I was surprised to see how well she grasped the topic, concept, and activities. Given her age, I did not follow the curriculum exactly – we did not get a chance to do the cooking exercise just yet and we haven’t been to a museum, but we try to spend time throughout the day discussing and playing all things Fall. Of course, Allah has become very integral in all of this, and she always remembers Allah when we talk about the leaves and the trees, etc.
I am grateful that even though I live far from Maryland, I am able to incorporate the Autumn Beauty curriculum and the holistic learning experience in my own home, Alhumdullallah!”

Sabah Hashmi

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Join our Umbrella only to network with other families and receive your Dec & June portfolio review by our Directors  (Maryland families only) $35/annually

Become a monthly member of our Homeschooling Workshop program to gain all four benefits.  This Cohort closes on September 15th!  $99/month

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