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Holistic Education in the Islamic Tradition

Promoting Islamic holistic education as a vital tool for teaching Islam, instilling Islamic values, and establishing a God-centric worldview

June 9 - 11, 2023

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Al Hadi invites you to join its community as a retreat sponsor. You'll have the opportunity to make a lasting impact with all the educators and families who value holistic education.

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We're excited to be inaugurating our new Al Hadi schoolhouse in Silver Spring, MD! We'll be utilizing our new space as the new venue for our upcoming retreat!

Financial assistance is available for parents and educators seeking to attend the retreat. Please inquire by emailing conference@alhadi.school
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Registration Includes

  • All lectures and workshops from Friday Jumuah Prayers to Sunday afternoon
  • All halal meals from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded experts and families
  • Complimentary 30 minute consultation post-event with education experts, Sabera Husain, M.Ed + Latifa Barnett, M.Ed
  • Digital Professional Development Continuing Education Certificate, 13 continuing education credits (full 3 day attendance required

About the Retreat

Today, Muslims are facing unprecedented challenges to their faith, health, and well-being. Parents, institutions, and educators are seeking ways to establish Islamic values and a wholesome worldview within their homes, masajid, and schools so that Muslim children can freely practice their religion in this complicated world. During this intimate retreat, we endeavor to introduce holistic education, rooted in the Islamic tradition, as a tool to help Muslims navigate the challenges of an amoral post-Modern World.

Al Hadi Learning Organization is pleased to announce the 1st annual Islamic Education Retreat: Holistic Education in Islamic Tradition, an initiative focused on promoting Islamic holistic education as a vital tool for teaching Islam, instilling Islamic values, and establishing a God-centric worldview for the Muslim community in the United States.
To use the best resources in education and Islamic scholarship to shift the prevailing educational culture in the Muslim community toward Islamic holistic education.
A Muslim community that is committed to Islamic holistic education as a vital tool for teaching Islam, instilling Islamic values, and establishing a God-centric worldview.

Retreat Topics

How is teaching & learning impacted by social-emotional development?
Centering Islam within the learning environment
Tailoring Al Hadi's Unit of Studies to your Family & Classroom
Definition of Holistic Education- What is it?
Beyond Academics: Collaboration, Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking
Parent Reflections:The impact of Homeschooling on my Family
Visualizing Holistic Education in Islamic Schools- What can it look like?
Evaluating a student's growth authentically
Integrating Meaningful Art in your educational program
The risks and impact in the absence of Holistic Education
Differentiating instruction for a mixed age/multi-level learning environment
Networking: Connecting with families and educators on the path of holistic education
Raising faithful children
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Our Lineup of Speakers

We have gathered a robust group of education professionals and Islamic scholars to help us better understand how to navigate modern challenges in raising our youth.

See Our New Venue

We’re excited to announce an update to our venue! We will be inaugurating the opening of the new Al Hadi schoolhouse by hosting our Holistic Education Retreat in our new space.
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DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
15101 Sweitzer Lane Laurel, MD 20707

Booking Your Hotel Room

DoubleTree by Hilton is just 15 min away from the retreat! Please call the hotel directly to reserve your room. 
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Standard 2 Queens Suite
2 Queens Suite w/ Breakfast
Standard King Suite
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