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Here's What We Do

Homeschool Umbrella
Whether you are a new homeschooling parent or have years of experience, Al Hadi's coaches will build a relationship with you to ensure a successful journey.
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Early Childhood
Our play-based early childhood program provides opportunities for two to five year old children to learn healthy social skills, develop independence, and work in collaboration with one another in an innovative mixed-age classroom.
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Elementary Microschool
Our microschool is a parent-led initiative that brings families into the learning environment to create a holistic experience for students. We deploy the Al Hadi pedagogy, which utilizes project-based learning to build critical thinking skills and incorporates Islam into all aspects of learning.
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Al Hadi units of study integrate Islam into a multi-disciplinary study plan. These units provide a variety of resources and activities to pull each child's mind, body, heart, and spirit into the area of study.
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We are here to assist parents and at-home educators to create robust learning environments. Our one-on-one consultations help our community members with parenting, education and homeschool questions or concerns.
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Al Hadi

Al-Hadi Learning Organization aims to bring students, parents and educators together to create a rich, nurturing environment to inspire lifelong learning.
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Email: info@alhadi.school
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