What is Micro-schooling?

We are excited to launch this effort in Fall, 2022! We will be holding regular info sessions through Spring and Summer of 2022. Sign up for the next info session below!


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Micro-schooling brings small groups of like-minded families together to form a unique learning community.  By taking the community mentality of a traditional “co-op” and combining it with Al Hadi’s cutting-edge, holistic curriculums written by our Master Teachers, we are able to offer a flexible learning environment not found elsewhere. Parents lead this effort under the auspices of Al Hadi Learning Organization to create a space with: 

Individualized Learning

Gone are the days of “one size fits all” education.  Children flourish when they are given the freedom to learn at their own speed and in their own way.  By keeping class sizes small, capped at 10, we are able to give each child the attention they need and deserve to ensure their growth cognitively, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Parents drive the effort

Under the auspices of Al Hadi Learning Organization, parents at the micro-school take leadership roles in operations and in the classroom. We require each family to be on campus for a certain amount of time per week to ensure we are running smoothly, to ensure all children are supported and to keep tuition low.


Islam is a part of our learning, not a part of our schedule

The Al Hadi curriculums are one of a kind.  Our curriculums are the only available learning tools that are fully Common Core aligned and integrate Islamic learning throughout the unit; not in a separate Islamic studies course.


A lá carte scheduling

Because we value flexibility and the priceless learning that naturally takes place at home, we will be operating on a unique “take what you need” schedule.  A student may sign up for all classes resulting in a full-time (M-F 9:30-3pm) schedule or supplement homeschooling with some of our classes at the Microschool.


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