Course Catalog: Fall 2022 Q1

Course Day & time Teacher Description
Project Based Learning M, W, F
Rida Rizvi
Mohsen Roomipoor
This multi-disciplinary approach to learning.  PBL incorporates reading, writing, history, social studies, STEM and any other disciplines necessary to fully investigate the topic. Q1’s PBL is titled “Melody of Words” and will focus on poetry.
English Language Arts T, Th
Group 1: 9:30-10:40
Group 2: 10:50-12:00
Almira Saifi This is a full scope ELA class which will cover principles in reading and writing.
Math T, Th
Group 1: 10:50-12:00
Group 2: 9:30-10:40
Iffat Nooruddin
Mohsen Roomipoor
Utilizing the Right Start curriculum, Math at Al Hadi is taught using hands on manipulatives and math games that reinforce the current lesson.



Mohsen Roomipoor Quranic studies will consist and examining chapters from the Holy Quran, focusing on student pronunciation and  understanding.  Parents will be informed of base texts in advance.
Coding & Lego League T
Shahryar Rizvi Utilizing the Apple’s Swift programming language curriculum and the Lego EV3 curriculum, students will learn the basics of coding through hands on activities.  Upon season launch, the class will also form a team to participate in the upcoming season of Lego League.
Note: children will be working on iPads
Art Theory & Technique W
Yemul Almecci This class will take a technical approach to art as the students explore color theory, art history and technique through various mediums.
STEM Scouts M
Zainab Sabour
Zainab Kazmi
STEM Scouts in a module based, hands-on program that is developed by the BSofA.  Students explore topics in STEM through hands-on activities while engaging in meaningful discussion of Islamic historical figures whose legacies have impacted humanity’s understanding of STEM concepts even today.
Spanish Language

T, Th

Zaynab Sabour This will be a linear approach to learning the Spanish language through games, poems and activities.
Vocals W
Rida Rizvi Q1 of vocals will focus on the recitation of poetry to complement the PBL unit.  Students will be coached on breathing, projection, public speaking principles and well as developing their own poetry in praise of Allah swt and the beloved Ahlul Bayt of Allah swt. 
Amanat Adventures F
Ali Abidi This is an outdoor, nature program with the goal of introducing nature and camping skills to the children so they can grow to appreciate the “amanat” of Planet Earth that has been granted to us by Allah swt.  Children will learn real, hands-on camping and survival skills while engaging in meaningful discussions about Environmental stewardship through the Islamic lens.  Q1 will be culminated by a family camping event!