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Our Principles

In order to fulfill our mission, we must adhere to these principles that guide our teaching and learning:
Holistic Education
Holistic, student-led, individualized learning that is fortified by integration with Islamic teachings and practices. In which students learn to wholeheartedly embrace Islamic values and strive to live Islam.
Cultivating Independance
Teachers as learning coaches who allow children to: be curious, advocate for themselves, make choices, learn independence, resolve conflicts.
Continuous Growth
Learning is a journey, not a destination, hence, we continuously seek beneficial knowledge for its inherent value as a means to move nearer to Allah (swt).
A diverse and inclusive community that cultivates a learning environment that is dynamic, nurturing, and a catalyst for learning.
Mutual Respect
Students feel loved, respected, encouraged, and supported by all members of the Al Hadi community.
Focus on the Journey
The process is more important than the product; success is measured by consistent progress in the emotional, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual domains of development and by the processes through which this progress is attained.

Al Hadi

Al-Hadi Learning Organization aims to bring students, parents and educators together to create a rich, nurturing environment to inspire lifelong learning.
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