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Autumn's Beauty


This unit explores the sciencce behind the coming of autumn as well as the global events and cultural traditions that mark this change. Gratitude to Allah swt for the amanat (trust) of this Earth, observation of and reflection upon the natural world, and environmental stewardship are also heavily emphasized throughout this unit.

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After developing your family's mission, the most important next step is discovering your and your child(ren)'s learning style. This can be done by consulting many online resources, but also through
learning and investigating together. With this in mind, we have created this unit study: Autumn's Beauty. This unit topic was chosen because it is:

  • Broad, so explorations can be engaging and varied.
  • Light, so instead of figuring out how to teach complex topics to your child(ren), you can focus on building the most suitable learning environment for your family.
  • Accessible, so you can find a variety of resources and information on the topic.

This nature study will encourage you and your family to make observations about the living world around you, reflect on seasonal changes and how they affect you, foster an appreciation for balance and beauty in the natural world, and inspire a sense of wonder about Allah(swt)'s creation. We also study Fall because the crisp air, shorter days, wonderful foods, unique animal habits, and changing trees remind us of our Lord and His infinite wisdom.

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Digital Curriculum, Physical Curriculum

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