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Elementary School

Our mixed-age elementary classrooms are designed to optimize teaching and learning. Children work on meaningful projects, with their teachers and peers, to explore their world while sharpening academics and critical thinking. During investigations, Islamic living and values are explored and applied to learning new concepts and improving skills. While working in small groups, as a class, and individually, each student's learning plan is customized so s/he works at his/her own pace. We also emphasize social and emotional learning in the form of family and Islamic values, role modeling, character development, student advocacy, and service learning.

Learning objectives for students six to 11 years old

Developing intrapersonal abilities including: recognizing one's strengths and weaknesses, improving one's ability to regulate one's emotions by understanding one's internal feelings.
Enhancing critical thinking, problem-solving, and understanding of how each student learns and applies concepts.
Creating a variety of opportunities for children to move throughout the school day and devising individual and team challenges that develop resilience and a collaborative spirit.
Maintaining a secure environment and nurturing experiences in which children can cultivate positive relationships with peers, elders, and trusted adults.
Encouraging students, teachers, and trusted adults to fuse the reverence and remembrance of Allah (swt) into all that we do and endeavoring to integrate Islamic beliefs, practices, and values into every aspect of the day.

Al Hadi

Al-Hadi Learning Organization aims to bring students, parents and educators together to create a rich, nurturing environment to inspire lifelong learning.
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