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Our Mission

Our mission at Al Hadi Learning Organization is to collaborate with Muslims to create a holistic learning ecosystem where children, parents, educators and the local community cultivate exceptional children who:
Keep God in mind
They are God-conscious, guided by the Quran and the Prophet as transmitted through his family: the Ahlul Bayt
Are a force for good
They make positive choices in the form of civic engagement
Seek knowledge from cradle to grave
They seek beneficial knowledge with an aim to become lifelong learners.

We do this by offering a myriad of programs that resonate with the whole child.  We are proud to offer full-time PreK, homeschooling classes, homeschooling umbrellas and Lego League which is open to non-students as well!

Our Values

At Al-Hadi, we believe...
That Allah (swt) has created whole human beings who should be nurtured in all domains of their development.
That Allah (swt) created us in community; hence, we should work together and lend our expertise to nurture and educate our children.
That Allah (swt) blessed us to be Muslims and followers of Ahl al-Bayt. We strive to keep Him foremost in our hearts and minds, and we recognize and are grateful for His generosity.
That Allah (swt) provides opportunities for us to make choices and to help one another. We are blessed to act as conduits of His Mercy and be able to distinguish between right and wrong.
That Allah (swt) enjoins us to seek knowledge to gain nearness to Him. We endeavor to seek knowledge throughout our lives.

Our Story

Al Hadi was born out of need. In the Fall of 2016, a small group of parents met weekly for a casual Muslim Mommy & Me Class. The community and positive interactions led these families to the idea of an educational prospect that could offer something more for their families. At the time, these Muslim families wanted a holistic schooling environment that integrated three important elements: Affordability, integrated Islamic Curriculum, and and innovative research-based teaching approach that would fullfill all children's needs. In January 2017, we opened our doors to a part-time preschool that fulfilled all three elements.

Al Hadi has since established on-campus educational programming for toddlers through elementary aged children. In addition to providing an enriching environment for both students and staff to grow personally and professionally, we began supporting parents to create robust learning environments in their homes. We now offer homeschooling umbrella for families homeschooling in the state of Maryland, educational and parenting coaching, as well as Parenting Workshops for Muslim families around the world.

Al Hadi

Al-Hadi Learning Organization aims to bring students, parents and educators together to create a rich, nurturing environment to inspire lifelong learning.
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Email: info@alhadi.school
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