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Rida Rizvi


Rida Rizvi is a cofounder of Al Hadi Learning Organization. She holds degrees in Economics and English Literature and conducts operations for Al Hadi as the Administrator. Rida began her career in the public policy sphere working to implement renewable energy legislation at the pioneering firm for commercial solar photovoltaic installations, where she focused on renewable energy programs in the Mid-Atlantic region. From there, she moved to a Fortune 200 company where she worked on deploying renewable energy through legislation or regulation in restructured energy regions nationwide.

After the birth of her first child in 2013, she shifted gears to work on community organizing and mobilization in the political realm.  In 2014, she also founded Ayat's Toys, a line of ithna'asheri faith-based educational toys.  She was also a 2016 Community Leader Fellow at the Institute of Islamic, Christian and Jewish Studies.

Rida enjoys travel, reading and all types of baked goods.  She lives in Maryland with her husband and two daughters.

Rida can be reached at rida@alhadi.school

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