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Sana Aaser


Sana Aaser is an educational researcher with interdisciplinary experience across anthropology, sociology, and child development. She earned her Masters in Education with a focus on Equity and Social Justice at San Francisco State University. Sana was recognized with the University's highest honors for original research related to identity development among 5-to-9-year-old Muslim children in North America. Prior to joining Noor Kids, Sana was a fellow with New Sector Alliance and with Education Pioneers. She also served as a Strategy Associate for the New Teacher Center.

Currently, Sana serves as the Director of Education at Noor Kids, leading the production team in creating new content, including Islamic research, plot development, manuscript writing, art direction, and illustration. She also leads the company's educational direction through knowledge of industry best practices, and educational theory and research. In this role, she authors whitepapers and articles, and delivers presentations to educators at various conferences and schools around the country.

Sana can be reached at sana.aaser@gmail.com

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